Alaskan Klee Kai On-Line Database

Frequently Asked Questions...

Where does the information come from?
The majority of information will come from breeders and pet owners that submit the questionnaire for dogs they have or have had. However much information has also been obtained from publicly available records, online pedigrees, and databases, such as OFA..

Can I add an Alaskan Klee Kai to the database?
If you wish to add your AKK to the pedigree site, you must first be a registered user. You can register by clicking on the Register link above in the navigation bar. After you receive confirmation that your account is activated you can login and be taken to a page where you can search the database or add your AKK.

If my dog is not UKC or AKC registered can I still submit his or her information?
Yes! We would like to include ALL AKK, deceased, neutered, breeding, pet and show dogs..

How do I measure my AKK?
Diagram of dog

A to B would be the height at withers and C to D would be length.

There are missing dogs in a pedigree of interest to me. Can you add them?
If you have the missing information you can submit it to us, just log in and you will be taken to a page with the link to add a dog or you can email to

Explain the information posted with the COI.
COI Info, i.e. 34/60/62: The first number reflects to total number of “ Unique” dogs we have in the displayed dogs pedigree. The second number refers to the total # of ancestors known for the generations displayed (ie: 5 Generations). And the third number indicates the total # of ancestors possible for the generations displayed, i.e. 5 Generations will generate 62 possible ancestors.

Hints for Submitting a Search
Search strings need to be at least 2 characters long. You can use this * symbol for unknowns also.
1. Sex, just search M or F
2. Variety, postings are Standard, Miniature, Toy, Foundation, Oversized.
3. Coat Color, i.e: Gray/White, Black/White, Red/White, Black, White. There are also a few described as Cinnar or Smoky Brown.
4. When searching for NAME or CALLNAME do not search for the complete name. Pick a key word or a portion of the name.
5. Dog Location: State or Country is searchable.
6. Factor VII Status: Normal, Carrier, Affected.
7. Cause of Death: Car, Dog, attack, heart, liver, etc...
8. To search for dogs with the VGL Diversity Panel, select it from the list of fields to search and then just enter 1: for the search string. The (1:) will be included in all VGL postings.
9. Health Temperament Issues: Any health issue that the owner/breeder/caregiver has divulged.

Is there a way to provide a link to a pedigree that I can email to someone or put on a website?
Yes. Instructions can be found here.

Other Questions?
You can ask questions and provide feedback by clicking here.


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