How to create a link to a pedigree

We allow users of our web site to create either a hyperlinks to specific pedigrees
or display pedigrees generated from this web site in their own web sites.

To create a hyperlink to a specific pedigree follow these steps:

(1) First login Login to this web site using your normal account.


(2) Display Pedigree Use the search page to find the entry you want to link to then click on the pedigree link as shown below:

(3) Get Link After clicking on the pedigree link a pedigree will be displayed. As shown below, click on the [Link] at the top of the pedigree. 

(4) Get external link After clicking on [Link] the pedigree will be redisplayed but the URL in the Address bar of the browser will be changed to the kind of link that can be used externally. Click in the Address bar and select all of the address then hit Ctrl+C to copy it to the clipboard.

(5) Creating a hyperlink Simply use your favourite web page editor, e.g. Microsoft Front Page, to add a hyperlink. If adding the HTML manually the code would look like:

<a href='' />


(6) Include the pedigree on your web page Again use your favourite web page editor but this time the HTML code looks like:

<iframe width=800 height=1000 src='' />


Rev. 1/16