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If you do have a Purebred Alaskan Klee Kai, we would like to include it in our Database for for all ALASKAN KLEE KAI. UKC Registered, Unregistered, Pets, Breeding, Show Dogs, Performance Dogs, Neutered or Deceased are all desired. Just enter the information for your dog and click on the Add Dog button below. You will receive an email confirmation when the information has been added.

Also a photo of your dog and/or copies of pedigrees would be appreciated. Actual UKC documents are very useful in confirming that our records are accurate as well as eliminate duplicate dogs. You can email these documents to

If you have many dogs to add you may find it easier to print out the questionnaire and answer the questions in an email or spreadsheet format emailed to

Registered Name:
Call Name:
Sex (M/F):
Altered (Yes/No):
Birth Date - Month Day Year format:
Deceased Date:
Cause of Death:
UKC Reg #
Other Reg #:
Pre Titles:
Post Title, Other Certifications or Titles (SPOT, CGC, Therapy, etc):
Coat Color:
Red Factor Status:
Coat Length (Short, Standard, Full):
Mask (Full, 3/4, 1/2, Open):
Eye Color Right/Left:
Eye Shape (Almond, Oval, Round):
Variety, Toy (to 13"), Miniature (to 15), Standard (to 17"), Oversized:
Is your dog listed on OFA? Yes/No:
Is your dog listed with CERF? Yes/No:
Bite (Scissor, Overshot, Undershot, Straight, Other):
Sire's Name:
Sire's Reg #:
Dam's Name:
Dam's Reg #:
Breeder/Kennel Name:
Owner Contact Info (phone, email, etc):
Located State/Country:
Factor VII Status (Affected, Carrier, Normal, Unknown):
Please explain any of the following health issues your dog has experienced
Pointed out front feet, luxating patellas, Arthritis, Kink in tail, Hip displasia, other structure-orthopedic-joint issues):
Cancer/Tumors, (mammary, testicular, gastric, other):
Heart Murmer, PDA, Hypertension, Anemia, Congestive Heart Failure, Mitral Valve Defect, other cardiac issues):
Seizures, Epilepsy, stroke, hydrocephalus, GME, other nervous system:
Cryptorchidism, Sterility, Pyometra, Still-borns, Failure to Conceive, Irregular Heat Cycle, other reproductive issues:
Mange, Puppy Strangles, Ring Worm, Alopecia Infection, Yeast Infection, other skin coat issues:
How many missing teeth of normal 42 (not pulled):
Hypothyroidism, Autoimmune Thyroiditis, Addisons, Cushings, Pancreatitis, Diabetes:
Kidney/Liver Disease or Infections, Bladder or Kidney Stones, Liver Shunts, Renal Dysplasia, other liver/kidney issues:
Hernias aftet puppyhood, umbilical/inguinal, other:
Bronchitis, Collapsed Trachea, Laryngeal Paralysis(Reverse Sneezing), other respiratory:
Anal gland disease, IBD, Colitis, Bloat, other gastro-intestional disorders:
Cataracts, Distichiae, Conjunctivitis, Retinal Atrophy, Chronic Tear Staining, Dry Eye, Glaucoma, other eye disorders:
Hearing Loss/age, Labyrinthitis, Frequent Ear Infections, other ear issues:
Drug/Vaccine reactions, Food Allergies, other allergy:
Parvovirus, Leptospirosis, Giardia, Chagas, Lyme Disease, Heartworm, Other infectious diseases:
Any significant trauma with lifelong consequences:
Any Procedures or health issues not covered:
Any comments on health, temperament, behaviors, titles:
You have my permission to post any info from this survey to the Online database except for:
Please provide your information in case we have questions about the data you provided
State: / Province:
Zip / Postal Code:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Please add this dog to the AKK database.

If you wish to include a photo of your AKK or provide copies of pedigress or other documents, you can email them to:

Please be sure to reference your AKKs name so we can match it to your previous submission.

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